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Just figured I should give you guys an update on my situation from Life, family emergency, lossHello friends,
Yesterday morning, my father passed away very unexpectedly. I was visiting my home at the time. I was very close to him.
My life will start change in so many ways, now that I've lost but the way that it will start to hurt us first when we need some time to mourn is that money will run out. My father supported all of us because he had a very good job, and he was planning on working for a few more years. A lot of supporting myself and my family will fall to me now, but my brother and I are still full time students, and we cannot get jobs yet. The price of living in Boston is very high, and I only have rent money saved up for five more months in my apartment. My program at school lasts longer than that, and this is all very scary for me. I feel terrible asking for money at a time like this, but I know that keeping our life steady and being able to pay bills and afford meals is important.
It would give me some comfort if anyone could contribute to my Patreon:
, especially since so many of you have been the most supportive people in my life as I'm going through some rough times.
Warning: me being depressed ahead, and then some less-depressing thoughts at the end.

We're all still pretty shocked and depressed in my family, so we aren't really doing the holidays this year. We're preparing for my father's funeral on Jan. 9th in Chicago (his hometown and where many of his family members live). I've been spending my break writing up stories, talking to family, the church, and gathering information and photos. We still don't have access to a lot of our savings, and the money from dad's death and my grandma's last spring, and we've been going to an attorney to sort that out. Our health insurance is also up in the air and we're trying to figure that out so we can actually go to the doctor (long story short, my dad's company is literally impossible to reach and we've been trying for weeks--yes, this is illegal for them to ignore us regarding our purchased health insurance)...

Anywho, I'm trying my best to act peppy and calm and sort of like myself. This is helpful for keeping myself sane. It's unhelpful in that my real-life friends seem to interpret this as me being "over" the pain of loss, which I'm not. I kind of want a big sign taped to my forehead that says "Warning: Sad Tired Person, Handle with Care", but I guess that's not socially acceptable... =P Also as a side note.... they treat me like I'm still financially able to like, go to the movies and get drinks all the time? I think they assumed my mom worked (she didn't), and things are hunky-dory. Awkward. Trying to figure out how to break "I'm actually really poor now" to everyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next semester my class schedule isn't quite as bad (4 classes as opposed to the 5 I just took), so it should give me a little time to focus on searching for jobs and applying. I'm really hoping to have something lined up as soon as I finish my program at school in mid-May. *crosses fingers*

The support I've received from you guys has been so valuable to me over the past few weeks. From simply knowing how much you guys care, to donations that have helped me afford food, I'm so grateful for you all. :heart:

Onto the random thoughts section of this journal lol:

Ponycon NYC in February! Have to start prepping my prints soon, and hoping to do one more new poster before the con. Hopefully I can work on that this break (I have two weeks around Christmas off).

Also excited for Steven Universe giving us a new bunch of episodes in early 2016. :)

Anyway, I hope you guys are well, and for those of you celebrating holidays around this time of year, I hope that it's all lovely. :heart:


Artist | Student
United States
Bachelor of Arts with honors in Media Arts and Sciences from Wellesley College
Post-Baccalaureate at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Do not note me about free art/requests. Artists deserve to be paid for their work, "exposure" does not pay rent or bills.

My DA avatar is by:



*You MAY FREELY USE my artwork for your fanfic, your youtube video, your profile picture, etc. AS LONG AS you link back to my DA page somewhere close to the picture (:
*Please DO NOT edit my artwork to look like your OC! If you want a free base, search for one. My art is not here for you to recolor.
*If you want to use my artwork in a banner, a wallpaper or if you want to make a vector, please note me first! I'm almost always okay with it, as long as I've been asked.
*Please don't note me and ask me to do something for free. "Exposure" is not payment. I have a college degree in studio art, and I can hardly afford to pay rent. I deserve to be paid for my skill.


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I generally check on anyone's page if they've appeared recently visiting mine. I've noticed that this can result in visiting-loops with people sometimes. x3
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Happy New Year!! ^.^ I wish you tons of happiness and joy in this upcoming year!
By the way, I've always been a fan of your art! >u< Keep up the awesome work! :hug:
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I've come to do 'stop by'rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony
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